This page is devoted to the learning of Straight Lines. It is part of the Secondary 3 (9th Grade) math curriculum where I teach, but this material is required knowledge in Math no matter where you study.

Click on one of the links at the right of this page. I strongly suggest you go through all of these topics in order.

When you complete the learning, come back to this page and select the link to the next topic.

When you have watched all of the videos that can be reached through the links, several Pretests (practise exams) can be printed from the links below:

Pretest DA for Straight Lines 1

Pretest DB for Straight Lines 1

Pretest DC for Straight Lines 1

Pretest DD for Straight Lines 1

Pretest DE for Straight Lines 1

Pretest DF for Straight Lines 1

These pretests are made available to be used, reproduced and distributed, but not modified, by any person in the world who wishes to do so, with the sole exception being any person who works as an administrator at the school where I teach. Any modifications of these pretests will be considered a violation of my copyright, and will result in legal action.


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